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University International Department Management Course Information

El GateThe course is foreseen to start on March 2012.

The second edition of the ELGATE course “University International Department Management” will be delivered online using an advanced distance learning pedagogical model. It will comprise 60 hours of student workload plus an additional 30 hours for an assisted project-work in order to design a cooperation model applicable to the students own universities. The course is based on a mix of individual and collaborative work plus project work.

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Alfa III - Proyecto "El Gate"

The project

Universities could play a key role in the knowledge-based economy and society since they are situated at the crossroads of research, education and innovation. Alongside of their mission to produce and transmit knowledge through research and teaching activities, Universities are called to open up more to industry, to lifelong learning and labour market needs, as to regional development strategies, in order to contribute to economic competitiveness and social cohesion.

In that framework, some European Universities are experiencing new models of integration in local systems and cooperation at a global level, acting as a gate between local and international dimensions, linking local actors to the knowledge produced by the world community of teachers and researchers.

The implementation of those models requires developing new functions in University structures and incorporating representatives of the non-academic world within universities' management and governance structures.

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Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to help develop and strenghten the offices for International Cooperation thru the transfer and adaptation to Latin-American Universities of some of the models adopted with success in European Universities.


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